Is Binary Thinking Spoiling Your Beautiful Freedom?

I feel a power in me that I must develop, a fire that I may not put out but must fan, although I don’t know to what outcome it will lead me.  

~ Vincent Van Gogh

Do you, like Van Gogh, feel a power, a fire, a spark that you can not put out but must fan and ignite?

A close friend of mine held several prominent positions at large corporations. When he left his last role unexpectedly, he found himself seeking similar roles where he could continue to add the same value.

It’s natural. Most humans prefer known outcomes, which leads us to tie our identity to one role or title.

  • I’m the VP of product.
  • I’m the CEO.
  • I’m the head of marketing.

But when we connect our identities to one role, we may find ourselves stuck in binary thinking, pursuing lateral moves or upward mobility when the role ends, whether due to layoff, firing, or even personal desire.

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Vulnerability without oversharing

How to open up to vulnerability without oversharing

Have you ever felt uncomfortable while your colleague shared something deeply personal? Have you ever felt as if somebody pushed you to share personal information without an apparent reason?

You may have encountered oversharing.

Vulnerability is a vital strength for leaders and anyone who wants to build strong connections, trust, and, with that, a sense of psychological safety. Psychological safety catalyzes engagement, performance, and many other desirable outcomes. So sharing with others and showing up as a vulnerable human being is key.

However, I’ve witnessed many people mistake vulnerability for oversharing. Oversharing can have a counter effect on people feeling uncomfortable, losing trust and alienating relationships.

So how do you make sure to hit the right balance?

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Energize Yourself in 2023 by Giving Forward

It’s been a typical year-end in the corporate world. 

Q4 was incredibly tense. The financials had to be closed, and projects concluded. Clients tended to come out of the woodwork with last-minute requests.

We dealt with their queries, grabbed gifts for friends and loved ones, and then, exhaustedly, sank into the cushions to stare at the tree, menorah, or unity cup, wondering where the time (and our energy) went.

And that’s just the stuff of our individual lives. We’re also contending with the state of the world—war, inflation, layoffs, and coronavirus.

We’re stressed. More stressed than we’ve ever been.

Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace report says stress is at an all-time high, with 44% of employees reporting that they experienced stress “a lot” the day before they were polled.

Things aren’t easy. We must make a conscious effort not to spin into negativity. We must work hard to stay balanced and optimistic because negative thoughts become self-fulfilling prophecies. They harm our physical states, too.

The idea: Don’t give back—give FORWARD


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5 steps to stop being overwhelmed

The last quarter is in full swing, and it’s as fast as ever.

Do you feel the need to speed up and match the increased demands?  Do you hope to cross all your to-dos and close off projects before the holiday break comes to your rescue? Do you frequently check in on your team members’ progress and speak mainly about operations to stay on top of everything that’s going on?

If so, don’t. It’s a trap!

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To Speak Up or Not to Speak Up: that is the question.

Have you ever experienced a professional conversation that didn’t feel right? Did you receive a direction that made you squirm in your chair?  Have you ever witnessed a situation where a colleague’s or leader’s behavior made you uncomfortable?

If so, you may have considered your options and the risks that speaking up may represent.

Throughout my time in the world’s largest logistics company, I stood many times in front of the decision: To speak up or not to speak up.

I believe that if you become aware of something risky or limiting to an organization, team, or individual, you have the responsibility to engage. Otherwise, you are becoming a part of the problem.

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The end of one conversation is a beginning of another.

The Fear Project Summary


I started The Fear Project in 2019 as a pro-bono exploration of a topic that I observed had a significant impact on the corporate world. My intention was to de-stigmatize the topic of fear – a seemingly unpleasant emotion often perceived as a sign of weakness, especially in business environments.


By approaching ten highly respected international leaders with diverse backgrounds and in different industries, we triggered a conversation that may benefit any environment – business or not.

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Crack the box you’re in. An exercise for ending your intellectual suffocation and inviting change into your life

Are you intellectually suffocating?

Do you feel as if the box you’re in is way too tiny?

There’s no air?

Maybe you’ve been active within a particular industry and feel it’s time for a change, but it seems impossible to find the right opportunity.

Perhaps you relocated, and find that the experience you gained in your last local market doesn’t count here.

Or maybe you’ve had a particular image as a leader, and even though you’ve successfully transitioned through different experiences, you don’t seem to be able to shake off that old reputation.


You’re stuck.

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How to face Ego and Fear and Walk Your Authentic Leadership Path

Recently, while emailing with the representative of a large corporation, something felt off. She was okay on video, but the only time she responded to emails was when I copied her bosses.

My alarm system went on. I’ve been there before, in situations with individuals in unhealthy cultures and unproductive environments.

How about you?

Maybe you, too, have had to deal with a peer who acted as if they were under continual scrutiny—or maybe you’ve been the one feeling scrutinized! Perhaps you’ve felt inferior in a relationship with a customer, or when leading a team for which cooperation always seemed to freeze.

Each of these situations is somewhat intangible and hard to address. When they arise, do you ever find yourself ignoring the issue, focusing instead on work activities that give you tangible results?

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