Even the strongest fear can become your driving force. I spoke to German Valencia, one of the most resilient and authentic leaders I know, to learn how.

German’s sister and family experienced COVID-19 health challenges for three weeks. Yet he calls that experience a source of strength. Why? In this 9-minutes-long video, discover German’s strategy for turning fear into both blessing and opportunity.

As you’ll see, German’s professional and personal story has had many turns. And he is not to be restricted by anything – neither by COVID-19 nor by the camera frame, sorry!


Download a one-pager of German’s strategies and practical tips.

How I know German …

My path crossed German’s when he became Managing Director of DHL IT Services. According to his own estimate, German remembered the names of more than 2,500 of 4,000 employees in our global organization. And even though he left DHL more than five years ago, his stories and inspirational messages are still fondly remembered in IT Services.


Because when German entered a room, he brought energy with him. He pushed us out of our comfort zones and requested that everyone speak up. When he left a room, we experienced a moment of “what just happened?” and then we went about our days with a feeling of value and inspiration. Even if you didn’t love German’s style, you’d still give your best because he was authentic and genuine.

German has four sisters and three brothers, and loves to explain how he and his family rented buses for family events.

You can check out his many business successes here.

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  1. Dana thank you for this inspiring piece. And to German, you are a man I love, respect and admire. Never worry that you won’t make an impact as you are in our hearts and mind every day.

    1. Hi Pete, I appreciate your kind words and passion to make a difference in the lives of the people that work for you. Please stay healthy a strong!

  2. Dana – timely and on point for many of us working through the current challenges so thank you for this particular topic. I will be sharing this with my leadership teams.

    German, you continue to inspire. Thank you for taking the time to do this. It was great to see / hear you speak again. Please know that the example you set, the standards and accountability you brought combined with the ongoing coaching you provided continue to influence many of us who were fortunate to have worked with you. Best to you and yours.

    1. Hi Bob, thank you! It would be great to know how you and your leaders work through the current challenges, so we can learn from your experiences and approach too. I wish you and your team lots of health, energy and good mood in the weeks to come.

    2. Hi Bob, thank you for your encouraging words and following your own path (the road less travelled). I know the situation in the USA is very different so please remain resilient and strong (our old US military values). Please stay healthy and safe!

  3. As always, German keeps it human by stepping outside the bubble to experience and learn first-hand. Inspiring discussion, Dana. Love your blog. Stay safe, stay sane. 🙂

    1. Thanks, John! It means a lot you enjoy my blog. I hope we will be able to fetch a coffee in person soon.

    2. Hi John, I trust that you’re healthy, safe and continue with your balanced approach to life. I appreciate your warm words on Dana’s The Fear Project (1st interview). Take care!

  4. Thank you so much Dana for sharing this.

    German, you are still an inspiration for so many people! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I still miss you at ITS and I am sure many others do, too. All the best for you! Stay healthy and keep on inspiring people.

    1. Hallo Marion; I hope that you’re healthy and safe (especially the mental aspect). I thank you for you kind words from our ITS journey. Our journey started about 8 years ago, and it’s inspiring to me that you remain with positive thoughts from our experience. Stay Healthy and Very Strong!

  5. Hi Dana; the most difficult step is the first one, so, your Fear Project is on its way. I encourage you follow your mantra of “Bringing Purpose Back To Life”. From our filming, I can see the radiant smile is back in your life so you now have the freedom to inspire 1,000 people to smile again. Count on my unconditional support to make your dream a reality!

    1. German, your support and words are the best fuel for me to drive this project! Thank you for your wisdom, encouragement and inspiration. It certainly is a freeing experience to do what you love. I can’t wait to make people smile 🙂

  6. I’m so glad to see this “fearless interview”. German be sure you made a lot of great impact and particularly I give thanks for your genuine support and selfless interest in pushing the best of all of us that once had you as a leader. Stay safe and keep sharing your knowledge and experience in this new way of living your life. 🙂 Saludos.

  7. Magically this post came to me today. Cannot explain how, it just came. I take it as a gift.
    German is part of my journey and I will be always thankful 🙏🏻 to him. 100% inspiring

    1. Dear Noemi, I don’t know why it took me this long to see your comment. I am grateful that you’ve found this work inspiring. I wish you lots of success and fulfillment on your journey.

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