Jean Davidson, a consultant, professor, business founder, and coach, explains how to survive a tornado of change without running into the basement and what it has to do with business.

Jean’s life-path was filled with transitions. Now she focuses on helping individuals, teams, and organizations find their way through messy, ambiguous, challenging times.

In this 9-minutes long video, you can get Jean’s recipe on how to transition through any circumstances without fear.

Download a one-page summary of Jean’s strategies and practical tips.

How I know Jean

I met Jean in 2016 in Austin, TX, USA, where I participated in a program she has led as one of the coaches. Jean has the type of presence where you feel from the moment she enters the room that something special is about to happen, so you better pay attention and stick around.

I did.

Our friendship has, by now, boosted my life’s journey in many ways.

Jean brings a unique combination of sharp intellect, caring leadership style, and a no-nonsense approach. What fascinates me about Jean is her ability to be deeply personal and utterly vulnerable in what she shares with her audiences. And it doesn’t take away anything from her strong presence or authority she commands.

That’s what I call fearless.


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