Are you ready? How to prepare for and lead in a hybrid office

Are you going to the office tomorrow?

As vaccination rates increase in some parts of the world, businesses are re-opening.

Maybe you’re lucky to live in a country where the number of infected people is dropping, and you’re getting your laptop bag out of the closet, and ditching your leggings or sweatpants in exchange for what will feel like getting your normal life and self back.

Just like you, I’m much looking forward to re-entering the world of in-person meetings.

But I also feel a bit unprepared.

If you’re like me, once the excitement over occasionally escaping the home office settles, you’ll be starting to think about the nuances and changes in your current work scheme, and how you should best approach them.

Here are some questions on my mind that you too may be wondering about:

Is it ok to ask whether your colleague/business partner/client is vaccinated?

Will you wear a mask? In which circumstances and when is it okay not to?

Are you ready to speak up and ask others to wear a mask if they’re not complying?

Can you excuse yourself from a meeting if you know that some of the attendees aren’t vaccinated?

How will we keep safety at the forefront when we’re tired of this topic and desperately wish to feel and behave “normal”?


If I could come up with those questions in less than 30 seconds, so will your team members, business partners, and colleagues.

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“She Unplugged”: A chat With Dr Anja Foerster

It was such a privilege to speak with Anja Foerster on her podcast earlier this month.

I know Anja for over 7 years when we’ve met on an international conference in Prague, Czech Republic. We stayed in loose contact ever since.

Anja has made it her mission to empower women to reach their full potential, whatever it might be: as the CEO of a large corporation, an entrepreneur, or an employee thriving for more than just the nine to five job. 

Her podcast, She Unplugged, features women who share success stories about transformation, following their dreams, and stepping into their courage.

Anja has a gentle but direct way of questioning and I enjoyed digging deeper with her on topics such as leaving the corporate world to serve it maybe even better from outside in, what drives and motivates me and what I’ve learned from 11 high performing global leaders about dealing with fear.

You can listen to our conversation here: 

Or watch us on She Unplugged.


Man in the mountains

Who do you want to become tomorrow? How to not lose yourself on the quest for growth and authenticity

My client, a leader in a worldwide corporation, is grappling with authenticity.

At issue: resistance to a specific change. But it’s not the first; he’s felt the need to adjust himself many times over the years due to feedback from colleagues and peers.

“Will I still be me if I act as others tell me?” he asks. “How far can I go and still be an authentic me?”

Maybe you’re crunching through how to stay true to yourself while adapting to the avalanche of change our world is in.

Perhaps you’ve received surprising feedback as you’ve shifted to online work, which puts a different pressure on your way of communicating, negotiating, and connecting with your business partners.

Maybe, like my client, you’re feeling that same resistance to change. You fear you might be losing yourself in the required, constant adjustments.

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