Fearless leaders?

Today’s world is filled with “fearless” leaders. History was rife with them as well. Have you ever felt weak because you “feared”? Did you ever feel the need to hide your fear?

Most of us can probably answer “yes” at least one of those questions.

Why is that?

Fear is part of life, part of us being human. Hiding it should seem unnatural. After all, you may have heard that not naming or facing your fear can leave you paralyzed. And you probably know that if you hide your fear, you may come across as inauthentic. People are sensitive to the emotions of others and will feel when “something is up”.

Speaking about fear is also—perhaps especially—frowned upon in business, as fear is often seen as a sign of weakness.

Through The Fear Project, I intend to free us of our misperceptions about fear. To do so, I will speak with seemingly fearless leaders, people open to discussing fear. I am curious to learn whether they will confirm that being open about fear takes courage, maturity, and is freeing.

 My aim is to focus on delivering practical strategies for tackling your fears and morphing them into a driving force for good instead.

Yes, you … I … all of us … can learn to use fear for our benefit.

I look forward to hearing what you think as we explore fear together.

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A word of warning…

Upon viewing these videos, you may not be magically freed of fears. The ability to transform a seemingly disruptive emotion like fear into a productive creative force is a process that requires time.

I hope, however, that my passion for exploring topics linked to business and our way of being (more) human will bring inspiration to your life and will help you see a different perspective. 

Now is the time to do so. Focusing on the human element at work, and on the professional element at home, has never been more crucial, as lines no longer exist between our professional and personal lives.

Does fear hold you back? Do you want your fears to catapult you forward? I can help. I can be your guide on this quest. 

Reach out for a free initial chat.

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