Ready for more impact?
Having worked with more than 100 international leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs, here are the 3 essential tips to remind yourself of daily.

1. Understand the uniqueness of your perspective.
You have unique experiences through your life journey that have shaped your worldview and perspective of events and challenges. Ensure you understand what value this brings to your environment, considering the market situation, your organization’s strategy, and your team’s contribution to the objectives. Bring your unique perspective forward at every meaningful opportunity – whenever you can create impact.

2. Seize the right moments to speak up.
Overcome the fear of speaking up. Voice your thoughts when the timing is right for maximum influence. Identify those pivotal moments when your input truly matters, guided by your core values. Remember, it’s not about always having something to say; it’s about adding value with your unique insights when you can positively impact your company.

3. State Your Case Clearly and with Conviction.
Once you have the stage, be clear, concise, and compelling. Make a case for why your perspective warrants attention and aligns with the ongoing discussion. Remember, your verbal and non-verbal cues must synchronize with your message. Be authentic, as authenticity is critical to delivering a message that resonates with your values and unique perspective and is believable to your audience.

Remember, your voice is a catalyst for positive change. 🚀✨

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