Hypnotherapy tools with Dana Poul Graf
A topic that I have wanted to look into for a long time has been maturing in me, and during the conversation with Dana, it turned out to be completely different. I knew I needed to go deep, into my inner self. Hypnotherapy had been surfacing around me for some time. I decided to approach Dana, who combines coaching with hypnotherapy. I chose Dana because we have known each other for years and we are very close. I have great trust in her. She is a professional in her field, a woman with empathy, humility, and a love of helping others. Her journey, both personal and professional, is incredible. I am very grateful for her friendship and guidance.
After coaching with hypnotherapy with Dana, I underwent a transformation within myself. Something inside me rearranged and it’s different now. It’s indescribable, but since then, miracles have been happening in my life and I am astonished. There is something to rely on when a challenge arises. I can return to the image I experienced in hypnotherapy. It was beautiful, colorful, full of strength and life, and I shined in it with my greatest power. Doubt, fear, and the saboteur that used to lurk in my mind no longer have a place in me. I have worked with this a few times before, but now it is finally DIFFERENT.