The Fear Project Summary


I started The Fear Project in 2019 as a pro-bono exploration of a topic that I observed had a significant impact on the corporate world. My intention was to de-stigmatize the topic of fear – a seemingly unpleasant emotion often perceived as a sign of weakness, especially in business environments.


By approaching ten highly respected international leaders with diverse backgrounds and in different industries, we triggered a conversation that may benefit any environment – business or not.

Through these discussions, I’ve learned about varied experiences and many practical strategies and tips on working with fear.  You can view a condensed version of our talks in the videos published at this site or refer to our written summaries that offer quick inspiration.

the fear project
The Fear Project summary document


It seems that during these disruptive years, it is crucial that every human being explores how to manage fear in a way that it becomes a healthy driving force as opposed to a somewhat paralyzing emotion.


Based on all learning from the leaders and further research and studies, I’ve designed a self-coaching technique that may help you whenever fear surfaces.

It is entirely free of charge and any other hooks attached. You’ll find it at the end of our The Fear Project summary document.


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If you have a different technique that works for you, let me know!


I believe The Fear Project is just a beginning of a much-needed open conversation about seemingly sensitive topics in business. Opening them is a path towards humanizing all environments, building trust, working sustainably, and living authentically.


Do you have something to share? I’ll listen and support your topic.


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