How do you stay present, trust your instincts and face your fears, so that you can explore the possibilities on the other side?

Brigida Pereira Neves, a leading international ballet dancer with vast experience on different international stages, explains how a dancer creates incredible mental resilience over the years of psychological and physical discipline.

What does it take to succeed in a field where a drop of a wrong substance can spin your life into a wrong pirouette? How do you make split-second decisions defining everything you’ve worked for? How do you keep your mind present no matter what’s happening around you?

Brigida’s life is full of transitions. She’s one of the rare leaders who combine heart with a critical mind. This combination may not mean a smoother life for Brigida; it is the only way she can stay authentic, and with that, she challenges the environments around her to grow and evolve.

When you tune into Brigida’s talk, you’ll realize that almost every word can be a parallel teaching us something we can use in the business world too.

Brigida is as graceful and eloquent about sharing her story as is her dancing.

Also, you can read more about the pre-stage ritual Brigida perfected over the years and how it helps in business.

I can’t wait for the opportunity to witness Brigida at any stage she chooses to shine next.

Download a one-pager summary of Brigida’s practical tips.

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