Richard Patterson, a customer experience pioneer and a founder of numerous global businesses, speaks about his path of courage and how opening up about fears helps a company succeed. He has seen the consequences of what happens when people act out of fear and is ready to step in and influence such outcomes directly.

Richard’s humble testimony confirms that you can achieve success while sticking to your values.

What gave him the strength and courage to pursue his first business idea? And what’s his essential advice for any leader and entrepreneur in today’s dynamic world?

Download the one pager with a summary of Richard’s practical tips.

How I know Richard

One of Richard’s companies provided services to my previous employer. I had the pleasure to meet him at a business dinner.

Richard stood out as a servant leader, open to sharing both a burst of laughter and his fascinating story filled with an impressive dedication to both people in his team and his customers. People would call him “a good guy,” someone you’d not only respect but someone you want to stick around. He represents a rare breed bringing hope and effortlessly connecting a human approach with business success—an ingredient our world needs right now more than salt.



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