This time in The Fear Project, I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Welle, CEO of the hospitality software company Mews.

Matt’s intention for Mews is to mark the hospitality industry that needs a new generation of software to drive innovation. He wants to embrace personal relationships, pay it forward, and help everyone grow along the way.

Bumpy ride during the pandemic?

Mews’ incredible journey of growth was abruptly stopped. They went through tough cuts in the past year, but they also kept their customers fiercely loyal. And you’ll notice Mews hiring again.

Tune in to our chat and learn how to use fear to be a more effective and better leader in difficult times to remerge stronger with your team.

Download the one pager with a summary of Matt’s practical tips

In this full-length conversation, you will hear Matt disclosing:

  • Once you make a choice to fight for business there is no way back,
  • How his fearlessly vulnerable leadership style helps him form trust and authenticity,
  • And how leaders can help their team members with anxiety.

Not sure how to manage your fears or turn them into a trigger to develop your leadership or yourself as a person? Let’s chat!

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