This time, I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Wade, a C-suite communications professional who helps Fortune 500 companies embed engaging company culture and strategy into their organization.

Early on in life, Chris understood the importance of navigating uncertainty and facing fears. How does it help him in business?

In this video, you can get Chris’s recipe on how to face your fears, how to renew your energy and motivation and how to skillfully navigate difficult conversations.

Download the one-pager with key point from Chris.

How I know Chris

Chris and I met in 2009 when he became my peer and also a guide on my first day as an executive in a large global corporate team. I have a vivid memory of us connecting over lunch, discussing past and present connections to the US, exchanging on our experiences as foreigners in different countries, and of course, discussing business.  While we have seen each other only at a few business occasions a year, this first conversation became a starting point of a lasting trustful friendship.

Chris has a way of connecting with people with ease, not forgetting about the fun part, while digging deep. He doesn’t shy away from addressing real issues with his own elegance.

I’m thrilled to watch his successes and believe that we will keep hearing from this gentleman!

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