Chaz Hill, a 30-year Air Force Veteran, speaks about how his passion for traveling the world and drive to achieve more in life helped him overcome any fears.

As a result, Chaz’s dream came true: he traveled the world.

His retirement didn’t stop him from pursuing his passion – he continues visiting different continents when the situation is safe. He is also an experienced videographer and current administrator of The Harlem History project and March All Ranks Support,

Does a veteran have fears?

Yes, for example, being in front of the camera. Chaz compensated us with some gem pictures from his private archives and with his great video editing skills. Want to take a look into a North Korean soldier’s eyes?

Download a one-page summary of Chaz’s strategies and practical tips.

How I know Chaz

I met Chaz in 2012 during my wedding. He’s bordeaux suit and big smile stood out at the Czech countryside’s farm.

Chaz is a Military friend of my husband, Pete.  Prior to our wedding, Chaz and Pete have seen each other last time in 1982 in Elmendorf Air Force Base in Anchorage, Alaska.

Chaz and Pete, Alaska, 1982

Chaz chose being stationed in Alaska instead of Florida during a bus ride, just after knowing my husband for a few days. They formed a strong bond ever since. One that goes beyond geographical barriers, beyond outer differences, beyond time and ego.

30 years later, Chaz has jumped on a plane direction Prague, Czech Republic, to see his friend, celebrate a wedding day and meet the bride, who’d decide to interview him almost 9 years later.


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  1. Hi, I listened to your interview with Chaz and although I liked it, it seemed a little light to me so I called Chaz and he told me that your interviews are under 10 minutes But I feel that the subject matter “FEAR” is to important of a subject to cram into a 10 minute or less interview, coupled with the fact that you’re getting a “Veterans” story of Fear makes it all the more vital that it be longer. In my opinion I think that you should release the entire interview once or twice a year as a SPECIAL when you have an interview that has important information that can really help people with these issues. Not to mention that Veterans are treated really bad in my opinion and would really Benefit from this particular Platform of Information in this interview. You are doing a really good thing and can not only touch lives with this interview in its entirety but it can also Save and Change lives for the better. Please think about doing Specials and Please start with Chaz’s. Oh and Yes he is a friend of mine.

  2. I enjoyed listening to your interview with my nephew. As I’m sure you will agree, Chaz is a very interesting individual. From the time he was a little boy, he always was good at challenges and there was nothing that he couldn’t do if he put his mind to it. His dream was to travel and see the world which he has accomplished much of it through the military. Listening to the interview I learned about some of his fears that I knew nothing about. Thanks for a beautiful interview.

    1. Thank you, Fran, for your comment. I am glad that I managed, as it sounds, capturing Chaz well and that it also provided an angle you may not have known about before. Thank you!

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