How to create a lasting change in our lives and in our society.

Johan, a high-performance mentor with 25+ years of experience and 200+ successful clients, has over 100 testimonials from his clients at hand.


That is just the tip of the iceberg.

Johan lived – what seems like – many lives. You can check out details on his website.

He is a captivating storyteller, and his mind carries a wisdom that seems to pour out once you ask Johan a question.

Watch our 10-minutes-long video and learn how to start a lasting change in your life, your environment, and in our society. And what does it have to do with hot air balloons?

Download the abstract with Johan’s key point.

How I know Johan

I met Johan in my late 20-ties. The turmoil in my life drove me to an intense search for solutions. We met for the first time in London in a small coffee place close to London Bridge. The unique combination of spirituality and business focus Johan brings was precisely the right mix for me, and I chose Johan as my mentor. The few years of privately working with Johan catapulted my career. With his guidance, I structured foundations for my overall life approach that I kept building on. It was the engagement with Johan that solidified my own passion for coaching and mentoring.

Johan became a friend, and every conversation, just like our first one, triggers my interest and urge to give him more questions in the same way as 15 years ago.

What question would you like to ask?

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