I have recently published a post related to labels used when addressing working parents. Today, I want to applaud to all who are managing the juggle between parenting and professional fulfillment, who don’t forget their priorities no matter what situation they are in.

Watch Pete Poul-Graf, my husband and VP in DHL IT Services, make more than a hundred of his colleagues including the management team sing during a Town Hall in Prague today at the occasion of our daughter’s second birthday.  I am grateful that Pete brings the human angle to any situation he is in and also that he is not exploring a career as a cameraman.



What is your trick to make your child’s birthday special while you are on a business trip? When did you last time witness a colleague in the office become creative in solving a family situation? How did the rest of people around respond?

Thanks to all those amazing DHL colleagues singing today and you can count on me, if you ever need me to return the favor!




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  1. I agree, this was such a nice touch from Pete yesterday! And the response from everyone was also so nice and spontanneous, an amazing experience 🙂 Happy birthday to Elli once more!

    1. Thank you, Teri! And thanks to all amazing Production Services department colleagues to be so kind and spontaneous!

  2. Love this! Well done Pete, and thanks for sharing Dana! I’m sure they all missed you in Prague. 😉

    1. Thank you, Chris! You can imagine how amazed I was when I got this video from Pete 🙂 Not only because it takes courage to do this from Pete’s side, but also because of the wonderful reaction of all the colleagues.

  3. Pete did a great rendition of Heartbreak Hotel in the locker room getting our team pumped up at our high school football games.

    1. I can only imagine! Thanks for sharing, I wish I could go back in time and watch Pete’s rendition 🙂

    1. I agree it is hard to beat Pete’s courage and creativity. We refer to “Town Hall” when we speak of an employee event. So basically an event in a company where all employees are invited.

  4. Well done Pete! ITS is definitely a big family. Pete is a very open and human leader, I still have the video he recorded with Toby thanking us for having him in Brazil, this was back in May 2018 :). He’s definitely a role model for leaders in DHL. Thanks for the inspiring posts Dana and congrats for Elli’s second birthday !!

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